Application of lubrication emulsion

With the WEKO-Silicon-Application-System (WSA), liquids can be applied to paper uniformly and optimally metered. This protects your paper web and/or furnishes it with certain properties such as improved sliding. Silicone emulsions, but also waxes and antistatic agents, can be applied.

This is how it works

When filling the storage tank, the diaphragm metering pump handles mixing of water and concentrate. Concentrate is added to the water at high pressure and agitated there. The control is realised with the continuously adjustable potentiometer. The liquid now circulates in a closed circulation between supply unit and trough of the application module. The application roller is wetted by being immersed into the storage trough and applies the liquid onto the printing material.

Convincing in handling and maintenance

The WEKO-WSA was specifically developed for the use of different liquids; minimum retooling and cleaning times can therefore be calculated. All components are conveniently handled and easily maintained and work in a stable manner over a very long period.

Your benefits

  • Maximum availability
  • Different web running directions possible
  • Coating of one or both sides
  • Automatic supply
  • Cleaning-friendly
  • Wear-free, magnetically coupled metering pump
  • Adjustment to different machine types


  • Applicator roller can be continuously controlled in ganging and reverse rotation to the paper web
  • Trough, tank and filter can be removed without tools for convenient cleaning
  • The optional exposure roller merges the emulsion particles to a homogeneous film and prevents the silicon from splattering