Functionalising nonwovens with wet finishing

The task

Functionalising nonwovens gently and economically

Manufacturers and finishers of nonwovens must continuously work on the ongoing development of their products to successfully hold their ground in the market and to meet the requirements of diverse industry sectors. Nowadays nonwovens with functional properties are in great demand. It is especially important that the finishing process is both gentle on the nonwoven and economical in handling energy and chemistry to be applied.
Furthermore, efficient application even for small batches must be possible to produce the flexibility customers expect today.

Finishing and refining with functionalising liquids is encountered in many areas of application, e.g.  

  Finishing  Uses
  Antimicrobial finishing   Medical supplies, e.g. surgical gowns, surgical drapes, face masks
  Hydrophilic/hydrophobic finishing   Hygiene articles, e.g. diapers, female hygiene, incontinence products
  Oleophilic/oleophobic finishing   Wiping and absorbing cloths, e.g. oil absorption fleeces
  Finishing with soft feel agents   Personal hygiene, e.g. towels, cotton pads
  Finishing for improved sliding properties   - Before downstream processes such as nonwoven reinforcement
  - Tufting carriers for floor coverings and carpets
  Perfuming and fragrance finishing   - Hygiene articles, e.g. sanitary towels
  - Clothing, e.g. insoles


The solution

Non-contact spray application of liquids for functionalising

The WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) scores high with precision and economy. WEKO provides application precision, potential savings of energy and chemistry as well as gentle handling of nonwovens. The system meters the liquid application exactly and reproducibly. The finishing liquids can be applied entirely as needed and according to the intended purposes in smallest amounts. Thanks to the minimum application, drying can be excluded in many cases. Solutions remain free from contamination through the non-contact application and can be reused. Depending on the application scenario, annual savings up to 6-digit amounts are possible. WEKO-Fluid-Application-Systems represent both highest industrial requirements and also cost and ecology-minded production.

The realisation

WEKO-FLOW and WEKO-SIGMA for Nonwovens

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) for the finishing of nonwovens are comprised of the Liquid Supply Unit and System Controller WEKO-FLOW and the Rotor Carrier WEKO-SIGMA. Compact and adaptable to a variety of system configurations, they allow for the rapid change to the respective necessary product formats, product speeds, scope of application, etc.  Based on the WEKO rotor technology, proven in practice, we have developed an encapsulated rotor carrier which safely and reliably prevents contamination of the surroundings. With the WEKO-ProTec we have succeeded in combining the numerous benefits of non-contact liquid application of WEKO with the requirements on an extremely clean production environment - expanding the application options of WFA for our customers. 

Your benefits

  • Precisely adjustable application quantities
  • Reproducible application quantities
  • Minimum chemical consumption
  • Low energy consumption through short drying times
  • Preserving material through non-contact application
  • Clean machine environment through encapsulated WEKO-ProTec