Spreading and stabilising edges

The task

Greater productivity and little waste

To ensure trouble-free production, primarily with knitted fabrics, the (curled) material edges must be spread without folds and with constant tension without marks showing on the product. Another challenge is the application of glue to stabilise the edges. However, the needle chain must not be soiled with glue and not cause too much cutting waste or run the risk that due to a too distant application the product edge curls again or the cut is made next to the glue. The task calls for guiding the product webs smooth and under constant tension. In addition, gluing should be performed with minimum distance to the product edge without soiling the unit and causing material losses.


Spreading edges without folds

Product edges must be guided carefully, smooth and without warping, with low surface friction and in a direct line into the downstream unit.

Gluing and stabilising edges without waste

Optimal edge gluing applies the glue clean and with precision without soiling the needle chain.

The solution

Fold-free spreading and precise gluing

The WEKO-Spread-it spreads the web, for example, at the infeed of the stenter reliably without folds and thereby ensures troublefree running under constant tension; The WEKO-Glue-it reliably glues the edges thus ensuring a cut without loss. These systems can be integrated into your equipment with flexibility and ease. You will save valuable resources such as working time, materials and energy.

The realisation

Textile webs need WEKO-Spread-it and WEKO-Glue-it

The WEKO-Spread-it and the WEKO-Glue-it were engineered specifically for advanced machines for the textile production. Both are marked by very convenient installation and handling.

Your benefits with WEKO-Spread-it

  • Constant product tension
  • No marks on the product
  • No additional energy consumption
  • No risk of accidents through rotating guide elements
  • Simple installation and handling
  • Maintenance-free

Your benefits with WEKO-Glue-it

  • No-waste cut
  • Top profitability
  • Simple installation and handling