Functional wet finishing

The task

Individual properties for textiles

Textiles shall exhibit diverse properties or functions: For example, automotive seat covers are water and dirt-repellent; curtain and mattress fabric as well as bed covers are treated with flame-protection or spot protection agents or functionalised antimicrobial; Sailcloth and weather protection clothing are functionalised with water-repellent agents. The task is to give textiles individual and functional properties through liquid application that preserves material and resources.

Finishing with liquids

The application of liquid substances such as plasticisers, avivages, flame protection, antimicrobial, hydrophilic/hydrophobic or oleophilic/oleophobic finishers, sewing improvers, stitching aids etc. finishes textiles functionally.

Example of application: DENIM

  • Fixation of indigo and sulphur dyes
  • Resin finish and flat finish (glyoxal crosslinking resin)
  • Resin finish and flat finish (polyurethane dispersion)
  • Resin finish and flat finish (acrylic dispersion)
  • Softness, lustre and brilliance
  • Tinting and over-dyeing

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The solution

Non-contacting liquid application

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) such as WEKO-FLOW with WEKO-SIGMA rotor carriers constitute economic alternatives to finishing methods, for example, using the Foulard process. Installed in the infeed and or outfeed of stenters, WFA can reduce the production times because the exactly metered application reduces the drying times. The material stress from squeezing excess liquid is dispensed with in addition. Functional layers are also applied in minute quantities, according to the specific need.

The realisation

Textiles need WEKO-FLOW and WEKO-SIGMA

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) for the finishing of textiles are comprised of the Liquid Supply Unit and System Controller WEKO-FLOW and the Rotor Carrier WEKO-SIGMA. Compact and adaptable to a variety of system topologies, they allow a rapid change to different materials.

Your benefits

Precisely defined application quantity

  • High long-term constancy of liquid quantity and distribution
  • Reproducible application quantities
  • Application of very different substances
  • Economic consumption of application medium
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly
  • Less drying time, no squeezing