O WEKO está fechado de 21 de dezembro de 2020 a 10 de janeiro de 2021.

Lições de 2020: Refletir e reconhecer o essencial. Agradecemos a sua valiosa cooperação, mesmo em tempos difíceis, e desejamos um Feliz Natal e um saudável início de 2021!

Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG


Due to the current development of COVID-19 (Corona) we would like to inform you how we as WEKO deal with this situation.

Our first priority is to protect the health and well-being of our employees and to do our part to flat the curve. We are carefully following government recommendations and will respond dynamically to future developments.
We know that ensuring planning security is a common task right now. In this way we would like to introduce some of the measures we have taken:

Customer service
A large number of our employees are now in the homeoffice. This allows us to support you flexibly. We can schedule video conferences via Skype if this is necessary.
You can reach us as usual under the known contact details:
Phone: +49 711 7988 0 or the known direct dials and mobile numbers
Email Sales Team:
Email Service Team:

Personal meetings and events
At the moment we are trying to refrain face-to-face meetings, so please understand if your appointment is also postponed. Alternatively, we would be happy to offer you a video conference as a replacement - please contact our WEKO Team.

It is our primary goal to ensure through internal precautionary measures that our production continues and that we can supply you on time as usual.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we can help you implement your projects.
We greatly appreciate your loyalty and trust and look forward to meeting you again in person at our further exhibitions or at your location.

Stay healthy!

With kind regards

Carlheinz Weitmann & Marcel Konrad

WEKO expands Customer Support

The manufacturer from Southern Germany of non-contact fluid and powder coating systems, Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG, in brief WEKO, further expands its customer support with another Area Sales Manager.

As complexity and customization for machinery is growing WEKO would like to be in an early stage on customers side to create optimized solution for functional finishing of diverse material surfaces.

Therefore Mr. Christian Heinle took over responsibility as Area Sales Manager for Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan in July 2019.

He successfully completed his training as industrial clerk at WEKO in 2017 and was gladly accepted with best grades. After a few years in the sales department, he decided to do an advanced training as a Bachelor Professional of Management for Industry (CCI), which he managed to do well. This training  and as the experience in sales of WEKO qualifies him as Area Sales Manager.

We are pleased that Christian Heinle has discovered and used the career opportunities of WEKO with the focus to help our customers to find efficient and sustainable process solutions.




WEKO-Fluid-Application systems (WFA) are well known for low add moisture management and softener solutions in textile industry.  In technical textiles and nonwoven WEKO apply diverse functions to surfaces with encapsulated ProTec system to create a safe working environment by using harmful substances.

Now it is time for the next step with WEKO-NEO:

The worldwide textile production is suffering from immense cost pressure and is driven by using high volumes of fresh water, energy and chemicals with comparatively slow production speeds. WEKO together with its partners Lilienweiss Textile Services, Textilchemie Dr. Petry and Archroma developed new processing concepts creating sustainable, cost-efficient dyeing and finishing processes.  

YOUR benefits for DENIM yarn dyeing:

• Non-stop change over (TOPPING)

• No tailing

• Raised product fastness

• Wide variety of colors and effects achievable

• Reduced Reddish (Indigo / sulfur dyeing)

• Less no. of dye bathes needed

• Stable and precise production

• No generation of dye bath waste

• Reduction of energy costs thanks to short drying times and economical use of the application medium

WEKO-NEO could be placed on any section of a slasher dyeing range. It means in the pre-treatment or preparation area, dyeing, wash off or after-treatment area. Also the number or applicators is unlimited. Use it for topping, bottoming, Color-DENIM, Black-DENIM, fixation, hydrogen peroxide or others. 

YOUR benefits in textile finishing

•Up to 80% reduced pick-up

• No material contact (no stress)

• Up to 50% less drying energy

• Raising line speed also on heavy textiles up to 270%

• Saving up to 70% water and waste

• One or both side application

• Adjustable penetration level

WEKO-NEO could be installed on the stenter frame entrance or exit. A wide range of applications could be done f.e. fixation, resin and flat finish, lustre or brilliance, grip modification, softener, tinting and over-dying.

Save working environment with WEKO- NEO

  • Protection of the health of employees, as no harmful aerosols escape
  • No nuisance from unpleasant odours
  • Safety at the workplace, as there is no contamination of the environment by slippery substances

Use all of our core competences of WEKO-NEO fluid application systems, Archroma dyes and chemicals, Dr. Petry auxilliaries as well as Lilienweiß process know-how and strengthen your business!



WEKO-DigiCon at Walter Digital
WEKO-DigiCon at Walter Digital

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