Storia e sviluppo

1953    Company founded
1954    First generation powder coating
1957    Humidifier with 360 ° aerosol outlet
1958    Construction of the company building in Echterdingen
1960    Photocells for sheet control
1961    Devices for electrostatic charging and discharging
1963    Dry sprayer powder with two-jet nozzles
1971    Inauguration production in Heiligenzimmern
1972    First adjustable   rotorcarier unit
1979    Founding of WEKO UK
            Founding WEKO Biel
1981    First Representation Agreement in the Far East with Nikka
1983    World's first Ionomat pollination system
1990    WEKOTRON powder system
1993    Foundation of WEKO Italia
            WEKO-RFS Remoistening
1996    WEKO-PAS Powder exhausting
1997    Founding of WEKO North America