Conditioning through remoistening

Paper can be reliably remoistened with WEKO Liquid Application Systems (WFA) such as the WEKO-DigiCon. Moisture lost through drying and thus the paper's original properties are restored; it lies flat and, in addition, is no longer statically charged. The WEKO-DigiCon applies water exactly metered and reproducible at any time even with minute quantities. This saves valuable resources and provides you with much flexibility.

This is how it works

The WEKO Liquid Supply Unit provides the desired amount of liquid. The integrated pump transports the liquid from the storage tank to the WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier. Through the rotation of spray disks, the so-called rotors, a defined stream of micro-droplets is formed; they create a uniform liquid application. The system is controlled and governed by a PLC. Liquid not sprayed by the rotor carrier is returned.

Convincing in handling and maintenance

The different WEKO-DigiCon models constitute conditioning units coordinated with machine manufacturers. They ensure precision-metered remoistening of the paper web. The application volume can be controlled exactly and adapted to high web speeds. In addition, all components are conveniently handled, easy to clean and service. They work in a stable manner over a very long period.

Your benefits

  • A choice of models fitting your printing system
  • Precisely defined application quantity, reproducible at any time
  • High long-term constancy of liquid quantity and distribution
  • Non-contact application
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy access
  • User-friendly
  • Low maintenance effort at very long service life
  • Compact design
  • Touchpanel

The majority of the models also offers

  • Flushing program programmable to specific applications and pump-out of residual liquid
  • Automatic speed adaptation
  • Easy to remove rotors and detachable components
  • Drive components and bearings separated from the spray area