Finishing with powdery substances

The task

Changing the properties of textiles

Textiles such as cotton or diapers, shall be particularly hydrophilic, i.e. as absorbent as possible. At the same time, however, these materials should not loose any of their strength to prevent them from becoming too soft and tear. Other products receive certain properties such as watertightness or fragrances. The task is to change the product's characteristics through precision-metered application of a substance or to finish them functionally.

Application of powdery substances

The application of powdery materials such as encapsulated substances make fleece and diapers, for example, especially absorbent or impregnate functional clothing. It affects the characteristics of textiles and grants them specific properties.

The solution

Precise application of powdery substances

WEKO-Powder-Application-Systems (WPA) such as WEKO-AP or WEKO-ESC open up many possibilities in textile manufacturing through the application of minute quantities of powdery substances. Even at top speeds and the associated dynamic processes, WPA work with high precision and reliability because of their highly efficient application nozzles. This reduces the required application quantity as well as soiling of the plants and provides maximum quality.

The realisation

Textiles need WEKO-AP or WEKO-ESC

The powder systems WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC are specifically engineered for the high demands of advanced machines for finishing product webs. They have been designed specifically for the preparation of a powder-air mixture and an accurately reproducible and extremely uniform powder application. Several compact systems with widths up to four metres are available for you to choose from. In addition, the WEKO-AP200 and WEKO-AP300 offer the VARIOBOX®-System for quick powder change.

Your benefits

  • Reduced powder consumption
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Reproducibility of minimum quantity changes
  • Uniform powder application through ionisation systems (WEKO-ESC)
  • User-friendly
  • Integrated powder extraction system (WEKO-ESC)
  • Quick and simple powder change
  • Low cleaning needs
  • Easy to service and durable