The task

Greater productivity and optimal product quality

In textile manufacturing, drying processes, e.g. through heat-setting, are necessary because of the production process. However, if the material is too dry, this has a negative effect on quality and profit because knitted fabric is often sold by weight. A certain amount of moisture is required also with processes such as calendering, shrinking or Sanforizing. The task consists of moistening the material web precisely to restore the natural water balance or to enable downstream processes.


Precise (re)moistening increases the quality of the product and the optimal residual moisture can be set. The following applications are possible:

After the stenter

For exact remoistening after the drying process.

During compacting

The textiles remain dimensionally stable through targeted moistening.

During calendering

Web and knitted materials are moistened on one side with 10-15% water. Better compression and gloss of such kind of material is due to this optimized moistening.

During shrinking, Sanforizing

The products are moistened in a controlled manner in the machine's infeed and receive optimal dimensional stabilisation in the Sanforizing unit.

The method is also used to save urea with reactive printing before the suspended loop damper and with raising.

The solution

Remoistening via non-contacting liquid application

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) such as WEKO-FLOW or WEKO-BASIC , each with WEKO-SIGMA rotor carriers, apply liquid for conditioning the material web in exact amounts. The material web receives precise moistening through non-contacting liquid application, which can also be reproduced at any time. This makes you highly flexible in production, while preserving valuable resources in addition. LAS can be quickly adapted allowing for their variable integration into your production processes.

The realisation

Textiles need WEKO-BASIC or WEKO-Flow with WEKO-SIGMA

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) for the conditioning of material webs, consisting of the Liquid Supply Unit WEKO-BASIC, the starter model exclusively for water application, or WEKO-FLOW each with WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier.

Your benefits

  • Large dynamic range without system adjustments
  • Precisely defined application quantity
  • High long-term constancy of liquid quantity and distribution
  • Reproducible application quantities
  • Economic consumption of application medium
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly