Release agent application in sheet-fed offset

The task

Perfect print image and clean sheets

With conventional offset printing a problem often develops in the delivery unit due to the drying principle: The ink is not yet completely dry, may smear and cause the sheets to stick together. This not only hampers further processing but has a negative effect on the quality of the printing product. The challenge is to separate the print sheets in the stack to allow the ink to dry well all the way through.

The powder application

Anti-setoff powders ensure a minimum distance between the print sheets after printing. Offsetting and smearing in the stack are prevented, the print sheets do not adhere and the ink can dry well all the way through.

The solution

Exactly metered powder spraying

With WEKO-Powder-Application-System (WPA), spraying can be metered with such precision at top speeds – through exactly adjustable nozzles – that each individual sheet is sprayed and not the gap between them. The amount of powder required, and thus also soiling of the system, is reduced. At the same time, the powder coat separates the print sheets reliably enough to ensure print quality and troublefree further processing.

The realisation

Sheet-fed offset needs WEKO-AP

The systems of WEKO-AP offer unique benefits. The most important one: Exact and uniform powder application with constant quantity and reduced power consumption.

Various series are available to choose from:
The basic version AP100 for small and medium-format printing presses, the AP200 for the medium format, the AP300 for large-format printing presses and the AP500/AP500DUO, developed in cooperation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, currently the top of the line regarding powder application.

Your benefits

Reduced powder consumption

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Reproducibility of minimum quantity changes
  • Automatic speed adaptation
  • User-friendly
  • Quick and simple powder change
  • Low cleaning needs
  • Easy to service and durable
  • Customizable
  • Optimal piling