Release agent application

The task

Optimal productivity and quality

After the web to be printed has passed through all printing units, the ink is usually not yet fully dry; it may smear and can cause sticking of the web. The consequences: Blemishes of the print image, ink deposits and stoppages in further processing. Productivity and product quality may suffer. The challenge is to apply a thin release layer on the printing carrier to improve all subsequent processes.

The powder application

Anti-setoff powders form a thin release layer after printing, which protects the surface and prevents offsetting during punching and stacking. The ink does not smear on machine parts during further processing.

The solution

Exactly metered powder spraying

With WEKO-Powder-Application-System (WPA) such as WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC, spraying can be metered with extreme precision at top speeds. This efficiency can be achieved only with state of the art systems equipped with highly efficient application nozzles. The amount of powder required, and thus also soiling of the system, is reduced. At the same time you will achieve maximum print quality and troublefree downstream processing.

The realisation

Gravure and flexo printing need WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC

The WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC Powder Application Systems are specifically tailored to the high requirements of advanced gravure and flexo printing presses. They were developed specifically for uniform powder application with repeat accuracy. Minute quantity changes can be performed with exactly adjustable nozzles.

Your benefits

  • Precision-metered application reduces powder consumption
  • Reliable reproducibility
  • Uniform application through ionisation systems (with the WEKO-ESC)
  • Powder Extraction System (PES) (with the WEKO-ESC)
  • Automatic speed adaptation
  • User and service-friendly
  • Quick, simple powder change
  • Low cleaning needs