Plastic film coating with Antiblock, Antistatic, Anti-fog

The task


The film must receive specific properties to meet all requirements on the market. This is also necessary to prevent film-specific properties such as static charges, clinging or fogging from hampering the finishing process. The challenge is to apply functional coats that achieve exactly the desired effect and improve the production and running properties:

The anti-blocking coat

Anti-blocking agents ensure that the films do not adhere to each other or the deep-drawing moulds. Deep-drawing trays can also be easier unstacked.

Application of antistatic agents

Charging of the film is counteracted through antistatic agents.

The anti-fogging coat

Anti-fogging agents minimize the fogging of the foil on the inner surface of packaging materials.


The solution


The functional coats are applied with WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) through precision-metered non-contacting spray application. Compared with supplying respective additives to the masterbatch, this process saves valuable resources and provided flexibility. Coats such as anti-blocking, antistatic and/or anti-fogging agents are applied entirely as needed in minute amounts and reproducible at any time.

The realisation


The WFA for the coating of film consists of the Liquid Supply Unit and System Controller WEKO-FLOW  and the Rotor Carrier WEKO-SIGMA.  Liquid is flung via rotors in non-contacting spray application on the film web.

Your benefits

  • Precisely defined reproducible application quantity
  • High long-term constancy of quantity and distribution
  • Application of very diverse liquids
  • Economic consumption of application medium
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly