Release agent application

The task

Optimising production processes

Film tends to adhere. They also have high volume and specific surface resistances. The resulting electrostatic charge makes the finishing process more difficult. Anti-adhesion additives in the masterbatch, helping to correct this situation, usually cause opaqueness to the film. The task requires preparing the film for the finishing process so that productivity increases while resources are preserved. The film quality must remain consistent at this.

The release agent application

A thin release layer inhibits the adhesion tendency during the winding and unwinding process and thereby reduces the glass plate effect as well.

Antistatic through powder application

Powder prevents the film from becoming electrostatically charged. It is relieved and can be processed without problems.

The solution

Releasing with powder

Applying minute powder quantities with WEKO-Powder-Application-Systems (WPA) such as the series of WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC  improves production processes. The fine powder coat helps the film to align itself with less tension, and the adhesion tendency is reduced. This is why those plants achieve a higher processing speed and produce less rejections. The downstream powder application hardly causes any opaqueness of the film.

The realisation

Film needs WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC

The WEKO-AP and WEKO-ESC  powder systems are specifically tailored to the demanding requirements of advanced equipment for the production or processing of plastic films. They were developed specifically for uniform powder application with repeat accuracy. Minute quantity changes can be performed with exactly adjustable nozzles. 

Your benefits

  • Precision-metered application reduces powder consumption
  • Reliable reproducibility
  • Uniform application through ionisation systems (with the WEKO-ESC)
  • Powder Extraction System (PES) (with the WEKO-ESC)
  • Automatic speed adaptation
  • User and service-friendly
  • Quick, simple powder change
  • Low cleaning needs