Finishing with liquids

The task

Giving products specific properties

Gravure or flexo printing products, such as packaging, labels, furniture foils, etc., are subsequently often furnished with functions. This is the case, for example, with twist packaging: A special solution applied onto the paper provides it with the desired elasticity, flexibility and stability. The challenge is to give the material exactly the property the product needs.

Finishing with liquids

Applying special solutions grants the printing carrier the desired properties.

The solution

Non-contacting, precise liquid application

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) such as WEKO-FLOW with WEKO-SIGMA rotor carriers apply liquids for the finishing of product webs non-contacting and with exact amounts. The application furnishes the material with specific properties and can be reproduced at any time even with small metered amounts. This makes you highly flexible in production, while preserving valuable resources in addition. In addition, the WFA can be quickly and conveniently adjusted.

The realisation

Gravure and flexo printing need WEKO-FLOW with WEKO-SIGMA

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) for the coating of material webs are comprised of a Liquid Supply Unit WEKO-FLOW for different liquids and the WEKO-SIGMA Rotor Carrier.

Your benefits

  • Precisely defined reproducible application quantity
  • Economic consumption of application medium
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly
  • Application of different substances
  • High availability and long-term consistency
  • Quick and easy cleaning