Conditioning of safety paper

The task

Reliable quality with forgery-proof print products

Safety features must be applied with precision to produce forgery-proof print products for product and brand protection, value papers and safety printing as well as forms. However, the paper shrinks due to the production-related drying processes. Register accuracy is lost, paper curl, waviness, electrostatic charges – all this has a negative effect on the print image and further processing and makes the application of safety features more difficult. The task requires compensating the moisture loss after the drying process.

Moisture supply

Remoistening the paper after drying processes contributes to the troublefree flow in all subsequent process steps. The paper lies flat and remains dimensionally stable because shrinking is immediately compensated for.

The solution

Remoistening through precise liquid application

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) such as WEKO-RFS condition the paper and return its properties to it. The exactly metered liquid supply through the application of finest micro-droplets onto impression rollers, supplying the paper web with moisture on both sides, provides optimal conditions for downstream processes even at maximum printing output. Paper remains dimensionally stable, safety features can be applied with precision, paper rejects are reduced and product quality is enhanced.

The realisation

Safety paper needs WEKO-RFS

The modular design of the WEKO-RFS allows integrating the application units without problems even subsequently. Additional space is not required. The system is suitable for material webs with reduced water retention characteristics and high machine speeds.

Your benefits

  • Precisely defined reproducible application quantity
  • Economic consumption of application medium
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly
  • Exact damping water supply at top machine speeds
  • High availability and long-term consistency