Conditioning for flatness and antistatic

The task

Shortening production times, preserving resources

Composites such as textile/foil, foil/foil or textile/non-woven bonded with one-component polyurethane adhesives normally require moisture from the ambient air for curing. This process is time-consuming and difficult to verify. The challenge consists of moistening the material web after the bonding process exactly enough for the adhesive to cure quickly and positively without having to remove excess liquid or for additional drying.


Exact wetting lets the adhesive cure immediately, intermediate storage is not required and the periods between production steps are shortened. Wetting also has a positive effect on product quality when material webs run through an intensive drying process.

The solution

Non-contacting liquid application

With WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) such as WEKO-FLOW or WEKO-BASIC , each with WEKO-SIGMA rotor carriers, liquid for the conditioning of the material web can be applied in exact amounts. This saves valuable resources, provides you with much flexibility and ensures consistent, reproducible product quality. The WFA can be quickly adapted to different applications and product formats.

The realisation

Composites need WEKO-FLOW or WEKO-BASIC with WEKO-SIGMA

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) for moistening product webs, consisting of the Liquid Supply Unit WEKO-BASIC, the starter model exclusively for water application, or WEKO-FLOW for the different liquids  each with WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier.

Your benefits

  • Precisely defined application quantity
  • High long-term constancy of liquid quantity and distribution
  • Reproducible application quantities
  • Application of very different substances
  • Economic consumption of application medium
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly