Application of lubrication emulsions

The task

Load capacity and sliding properties of printed webs

Often the ink does not fully dry at high web speeds. It smears off at guide rollers, turnbars and folder formers. This results in scratches and ink marks on the printed web and ink accumulates in the folder. In addition, the web shall run at high speed and troublefree in the downstream finishing process. The challenge is to protect the surface and to make the paper web run with less friction.

The lubrication emulsion application

The surface is protected by applying a silicon emulsion, for example. This increases the smoothness of the web at the same time and reduces static charges.

The solution

Applying lubrication emulsions

With the  WEKO-Silikon-Application System (WSA) emulsions are applied uniformly and optimally metered within the running print process. This includes silicone emulsions, but also waxes, antistatic agents and others. Silicon, for example, protects the surface and makes the paper run with less friction. The flexibility of the web is markedly improved, rubbing and pressure marks are reduced.

The realisation

Gravure and flexo printing needs WEKO-WSA

The core of the WEKO-WSA is the applicator roller wetted with liquid in a storage trough. Application to the web is performed on one or both sides. The rotational speed adjusts infinitely variable to the machine speed. An optional exposure roller prevents silicon from spraying away.

Your benefits

  • Application on one or both sides
  • Optional downstream exposure roller
  • Speed and direction of rotation of the applicator roller is variable for quantity adjustment
  • Quick penetration
  • Unsophisticated system design
  • Low space demands
  • Uniform liquid application
  • Easy to clean and user-friendly