Functional coatings with integrated dryer

The demands on the flexible packaging are increasing - functional coatings on one or both sides, process cost efficiency and sustainability are the key points to be achieved. Especially on the trend to monomaterial processing the masterbatch add mixing becomes a bigger issue and the costs getting high.

With the WEKO-CoatingTower as a turn key solution for cast extrusion lines you could add easy and precise surface functions to your film in a cost efficient way.

Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily integrated into existing cast extrusion lines or blown film lines. Coatings on polyester and polyolefin films has never been so precisely reproducible. The dryer output is also tailored to the amount applied.
Apply only the amount you need to save resources and protect the environment.

Use cost effective water or chemical based coatings for silicone, anti-block, anti-fog, anti-static, anti-microbial, barrier functions or useing primer for multilayer production.

Principle of the non-contact WEKO application system:

The fluid is supplied to the center of fast rotating discs which speeds it up and distribute it´s due to centrifugal force to the disc edge. Liquid threads are built which are mechanically separated to an even 360° stream of micro droplets by overcoming the cohesive forces. Special covers creating precise spraying fans.To reach the needed spray format several rotor discs are installed beside each other in the WEKO rotor carrier.

Even and exact application with reproducible quality

The non-contact application provides a constant flow of fluid and so reproducible results combined with gentle treatment of your plastic film. A frequency controlled pump spends 100% speed compensation and an automatic shutter helps to stay in standby mode if your machine will shut down for a moment or is preparing the correct process condition. The compact design enables easy access and the possibility for retrofitting on existing machines with less space is possible.


• Non-contact application
• Reproducibility of the application amount
 thanks to controlled and exact setting
• Dryer matched to the application quantity
• Easy integration into production lines
• Automatic speed compensation
• Easy operation and access



Depending on your needs, single side or both sided application, you will find a suitable WEKO solution.

Different supply units are offered and will meet the demands of your production.